Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How I Edit My Photos

I'm not a blogger who has a very high quality camera so I have to use my phone when taking photos. This blog post will tell you how I edit my photos. Honestly, I don't do much so this post won't be very long at all! 

I usually take my photo's during the day when there's good lighting, usually in the middle of the day when the sun is out. Normally I have to wait for the weekend to take photo's because I'm at school during the week and when I get home the lighting is awful so when the weekend comes I go on this photo-taking spree and take like 100 photos to make up for the photo's I couldn't take during the week. I also plan during the week of what photo's I want to take and I do practise photo's to test which angle or layout I like best so it's quicker to do at the weekends and I can therefore get more done. But then it does take a long time to edit them all at once which is a pain!

When I started taking photo's for my blog I didn't ever think about how good photo's should look so I took them at any time of the day so they ended up being really dark and not very pretty! Okay, onto what I use to take photo's; I don't own a fancy camera that can take fancy hd pictures so I have to put up with my phone, I don't think the photo's turn out to be amazing or anything but they're not terrible. I don't do much to make my photo's look good, I use the app Afterlight which only costs 69p and all do is turn up the brightness, then turn up the contrast so that I don't lose any of the colour that was in the photo.

To put text on my photo's to watermark them I will use Phonto which I really like because there is such a variety of fonts that you can use, I do use the same one every time though because I really like it and it is called Yellowtail. Another app I use is Papelook, this is for putting a few photo's together and arranging them to how I think it looks best for my Monthly Wishlist's.

That's literally all I do to edit my photo's, I said I didn't do much haha! Below is an example of the Girl Online book below, which I did a mini review of in January if you want to check it out?!

Before - After

Friday, 20 February 2015

What's On My Face | My Birthday

Today is my birthday and I thought I'd do a quick post to tell you what I'm wearing on my face today, it's nothing too fancy because I'm just spending the day with my family and we're going out for lunch to a restaurant called Coal. I am writing this on my birthday because I thought why not, I've got a spare 10 minutes so I might as well!

I am wearing:
Benefit The Porefessional
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Mac Select Sheer Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
The Body Shop Instablur Eyes
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate
Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Maybelline Big Eyes Pencil Eyeliner
Soap and Glory Brow Archery Pencil
Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Aurora

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Blake's Red | Review

I love a red lip, I mean who doesn't?! I love wearing a red lip, it can really make a statement and it definitely livens up your makeup look because it adds a lot of colour and warmth to your face which I love since in the winter I am quite pale!

I really love the L'Oreal Blake's Red, it's a blue toned red so it counteracts any yellowness in your teeth and makes them look whiter. The formula is matte with a satin finish and it is so long-lasting! It literally lasts all day with only one or two touch ups! This lipstick is definitely a dupe for Mac's Russian Red, they are pretty much the same colour, so if you don't want to pay £15 for a lipstick or you can't afford it then go for this one because it's less than half the amount of a Mac lipstick at only £6.99, and you could probably do a 3 for 2 deal since it's the drugstore and get 3 lipsticks for the price of one Mac lipstick! I also love the packaging as I am a sucker for gold things, and I love how nicely it goes with the colour of the lipstick!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash | Review

I own quite a few Benefit products and there is not one that I don't like, so when I heard that Benefit were bringing out a new mascara I had to get my hands on it as soon as I could even if it was a sample size that you got free on the front of Elle Magazine! Now onto the review, I'm not one of those people who have to try out a new mascara for a while before I decide if I like it or not, I mean it's either good or it's not, and this new Benefit one might just be better than the They're Real one! Not only is it SO much easier to get off at the end of the day it's better at lenghtening and thickening my lashes and the staying power is so good! I was wearing it the other day and me and my friend was laughing so hard we were crying and it still looked exactly the same as it did when I put it on in the morning! 

I don't usually love plastic wands that much, but this one is different because it has these tiny hooks that catch and lift each hair which gives you the curl that you want and honestly you don't even need to use a lash curler because it just does the job for you! I also really love the packaging of this and I can't wait till the full size comes out because I'm definitely going to get it! I don't think this post does this mascara any justice but I can't tell you how good it is and how much I love it!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Makeup Haul

Today's post is a haul, this is everything I have bought since Christmas, so I might have already talked about a few of these things in previous posts. I am actually quite proud of myself because I thought I'd go crazy mad in the sales but I didn't sale shop at all, I couldn't find anything so I went and bought a few make-up bits instead! I haven't bought too much because I don't have any money and my birthday is coming up really soon so I didn't want to buy anything that someone may have got me!

Maybelline Color Elixir in Petal Plush
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Baby Lips Dr Rescue
Lipstick Holder
L'Oreal Paris Color Riche in Blake's Pure Red
Maybelline Coloursensational in 725 Tantalizing Taupe
Rimmel Kate in 08
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate
Colab Dry Shampoo in Paris
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (Came free in an Elle magazine)
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Chocolate Suede
Maybelline Color Elixir in Rose Redefined

Friday, 6 February 2015

February Wishlist

This is the second monthly wishlist of the year, and I am really loving every thing on this wishlist, if I had enough money I'd buy it all! 

First up is the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Collection, (buy here) can I just say how beautiful the are, especially the rose gold ones! I love how they've decided to keep the three colours which correspond with either Base, Eyes or Finish like the Original collection. I saw the video Sam and Nic posted on their youtube channel and I love the idea that they're weighted so it's easier to apply make-up and I love that the handles aren't round so they won't roll off your desk or make-up area.

Next is this gorgeous black bag from Boohoo.com, (buy here) now this bag isn't expensive at £14 down from £24 in the sale, but I don't have any money to spend so I thought I'd put it in since it is lovely and I do really want it!

The third thing is the Marc Jacobs Lolita Eyeshadow Palatte, (buy here) the colours in there are so perfect, and you could make so many different looks with them . It has a mixture of both matte and shimmer but for just 7 eyeshadows I don't think I could ever justify the amount of money this product is. The packaging though look so sleek and it looks the perfect size to put in a make-up bag if you go on holiday.

I have been wanting a pair of Dr Martens (buy here) for the longest time but I can never save up enough money to buy them and even if I did I don't think I'd be able to go into a shop and pay £100 for them, they're so expensive. I do think they'd be the perfect shoes though in the winter as they'd probably keep your feet nice and warm and if it snows they'd be the perfect snow boots. I really love the non-shiny ones (I don't know the proper word haha) better than than the shiny ones, they'd be a lot easier to wear.

Monday, 2 February 2015

January Favourites

It has come to the end of January now and it's that time where I tell you about the things that I have been loving this month. Before I get into that though I just want to say that my January was alright, not the best but you can never have the best January when you are doing nothing but revising for you mock exams. Yep, I had three weeks worth of mock exams and they tired me out so much, I'm so glad they're finally over!

My first favourite I'll be talking about is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze, this is such a nice shimmery colour, that's not so shimmery it's overpowering, it's like the pefect amount! It is so easy to apply and takes literally no time at all so it's perfect! I have done a review post on the Maybelline Color Tattoo's which I posted earlier on in the month if you'd like to see a more detailed review of this. 

Next is the Maybelline Color Elixir in Petal Plush, I have never tried this before this month and I was in Superdrug on New Years Eve and I picked it up because I remember Fleur from Fleurdeforce and Shannon from Shaaanxo talk about them and really like them. I only picked up one because I had never tried them before but I'm definitely making another trip to Superdrug because these are so nice. They are really creamy and pigmented, and I really like the applicator you use to apply it onto your lips, it makes it so quick and easy. I can't wait to try some more!

I am really loving my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette this month, I have been using it on top of the Mayebelline Color Tattoo that I mentioned earlier when I wanted a heavier look and I have also worn it on it's own. The pigmentation is lovely as you probably all know because who doesn't own a Naked palette these days? Anyway my favourite colours have been: Booty Call, Tease and Snakebite.

I have also been loving the Garnier Micellar Water, I had stopped using this for a while because towards the end of the year I just got lazy so I started using some Johnsons make-up wipes which did make my face really soft but I decided I wanted to get back into taking my make-up off properly and start using my Micellar Water and I'd forgotten how nice it was, it takes my make-up off so easily without having to scrub my eyes really hard to get my mascara off. Only thing about this is it is a little drying but I moisturise so it's fine!

The next thing I have been loving is a lipstick combo, this is the Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 03 and the Urban Decay Lipgloss in Liar, they are both really nice nude shades and go really nicely together. I really like the Urban Decay lipgloss over the top of the Rimmel Kate one because I find the Rimmel one dries my lips out really quick and having a lipgloss over the top of it lets me have a perfect nude colour lip without it being drying.

I don't know if a lot of people know that Superdry do make-up but I was in there a few months ago with my Dad because he was getting something and I wondered over to where the make-up section was and I saw their Liquid Highlighter, it looked really pretty from the bottle and it's a sort of light pink shimmery colour and I tried it on the back of my hand and it looked absoloutely gorgeous so I had to get it. It blends out really nicely and it's quite subtle and natural but you can obviously put more on to make it less subtle.

I definitely feel that a lot of people underestimate Topshop for their make-up but I am really loving it at the moment. I am using the Topshop Liquid Eyeliner in Black Cab for a couple of months now and I can honestly say that this is the easiest out of anything I've ever tried to apply, the brush is lovely because it's so thin which gives a precise, thin line which you are able to build up to how you would like it. The lasting power is amazing, I can rub my eyes and it won't budge which is great! I have purchased 2 of these since I started using it and the only reason for that was because I knocked the bottle bit over and the liquid went all over me and my makeup desk! It was not fun to clean up but I will continue buying this until I find something I like better,

I have really been loving the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, this is my favourite brush for applying light coverage foundation, it leaves a great finish and buffs my foundation in very well with minimal effort. I also quite like to use this to do a bit of contouring because it's a nice shape that fits in perfectly with where I want to contour. I think this was one of the brushes that I didn't think would be as good as any of the other Real Techniques brushes but I'll admit I was wrong. As all the other Real Techniques brushes this one is so soft and dense.

The next thing I have been loving is something that so many people talk about and love. It is of course Pretty Little Liars. I have been watching this for so long, since the beginning of last year and when it was put on Netflix I couldn't resist but start rewatching it again. So I am all caught up and am waiting for the new episode next Wednesday and I can't wait! Who do you think 'A' is? I have a few suspicions!