Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Russian Red vs Blake's Red

These lipsticks are lipsticks that I love equally as much, but they are very very similar. Although in the picture Blake's Red looks a lot more of a vibrant red than Russian Red they are near enough the exact same colour on the lips, you can see in the swatch that they are very very similar and I would say you definitely don't need both, but if you're like me and you're a lipstick addict you will want both, however similar they might be!

They are both matte finishes and neither are very drying on the lips and the staying power for both of them is incredible, they last around 6/7 hours which is amazing! The only difference between these is the Mac one is £7 more expensive. So if you want Russian Red but don't want to pay £15 then get Blake's Red, it's half the price! I almost forgot to say; Blake's Red smells delicious, the scent reminds me of parma violets! We all know how nice Mac lipsticks smell don't we?! When I bought my first Mac lipstick I literally sat there smelling it for a good half hour, who else has done that? Just me, ok.

I would definitely say the L'oreal Blake's Red is a dupe for Mac's Russian Red, the similarities between both lipsticks are amazing!

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  1. Wow! They are REALLY similar! I like the look of Russian Red, so I think I might need to be checking this out.Thanks for sharing! xx

    Jasmine ||