Thursday, 29 January 2015

Girl Online | Review

So as you all probably know Girl Online is Zoe Sugg's first ever novel, and if you don't know who she is where have you been the last 5 years? I know Zoe has had a lot of bad press about this book lately and I just want to say that Zoe is not an 'author' she's a blogger who got the opportunity to write a book. Think about it first, imagine if you'd been blogging for a few years and Penguin (Zoe's book publisher, which is one of the best) contacted you and asked if you wanted to write a book. You'd obviously be like woah, I can't write a whole book by myself and that's probably exactly what Zoe was like when she was contacted. I really don't care whether this book was 'ghostwritten' or not Zoe still came up with the characters and the main storyline of what she wanted to happen, then she got help with writing it because she is not able to write a whole book by herself, she's a blogger not an author and people need to remember that.

I honestly really love this book, I started it on a Tuesday and I'd finished it by the next day. I was so captivated by the storyline and literally couldn't put it down. The main thing I love about the book is that Zoe has taken it from personal experience, it really shows what people go through, and it taught me a rough idea of what anxiety and panic attacks feel like. Obviously because I don't suffer from anxiety I don't know what it feels like and I can't say that I do because I've read this book, I know what it is but is has really helped me understand a bit more. 

Obviously I don't want to give anything away because I'm sure a lot of people haven't read it but I will say it was such an easy read, which I do like sometimes because it's calming when you don't have to think too much about what's happening. If you've read it, please tell me what you thought about it in the comment because I'd love to know.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream | Review

I got this perfume as a gift from my Grandma and Grandad for Christmas, and since it's been a month since I was given it I thought I'd tell you what I think of it and do a mini review on it. Now this perfume is one of the nicest smelling perfumes ever, I won't say what I think it smells of but I'll get a sentence or two from the Marc Jacobs website telling you exactly what it smells like. It is so light and fresh, definitely something I'd wear everyday if it wasn't as expensive and I could afford to buy another one when I've used it all! The Marc Jacobs website describes it as 'A fruity, floral fragrance with a light and airy touch. Inspired by the boundless spirit of daisies and blue skies.' The top notes include Blackberry, Grapefruit and Pear. If that doesn't sound like the most amazing smelling perfume ever then I don't know what is! 

Let's talk about the bottle, it's almost nicer that the smell, but not quite! It's something that even if I used up I'd still keep as decoration on my desk or bedside table just to make everything look a bit more pretty and girly (not that I'm a girly-girl I just like pretty, feminine things) I love how classy the white daisies look mixed in with the silver cap and the gold centres of the daisies, it's beautiful. I think the subtle blue colour of the perfume, definitely captures the blue skies and summer days that this perfume reminds me of. I think this will be my staple summer perfume as it's perfect for summer days.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Top 5 | Drugstore Mascaras

Today I have my Top 5 Drugstore Mascaras for you. I will be doing more of these, for example a foundation one, an eyeliner on, a palette one etc. Before I start though, I just want to say I know a lot of people wouldn't call a Benefit mascara 'drugstore' but there's two reasons that I have two in my top 5. The first is because I have gotten out my mini sample ones which are under £10 each and secondly you can buy Benefit products in selected Boots stores.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast
I knew a lot of people who didn't have this mascara before I bought this a couple years ago, all of my friends were asking me what it was because they loved the finish it gave off. Now I don't think I know anyone who hasn't got this mascara. It makes your lashes look beautiful, it really lengthens and makes them look so long and it gives off the right amount of thickness to your lashes so they're not too thick, just right.

Rimmel Wonder'full
This mascara I was so excited to try, I love the fact it has argan oil in it because it makes my lashes feel really soft and I can definitely tell that my lashes are growing when I've been wearing it for a week or two. It really lengthens my lashes but I don't think it makes them any thicker than normal so I like to wear this to school or when I don't want to have much make-up on.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash
I actually think I slightly prefer this to the They're Real mascara just because it's so much easier to get off. It doesn't make my lashes look anywhere near as amazing as the They're Real but  do really like it It makes my lashes really voluminous and it does give you a slight false lash effect. It's not clumpy but it will cling to every single one of your eyelashes.

Benefit They're Real
Even though this mascara is a bugger to get off I really do love it. It' not clumpy and it's so easy to apply, it really makes my lashes look so much longer and it seperates my lashes like no other. One coat of this really does the trick but if you're going out in the evening use two or three coats and your lashes will look incredible! 

Maybelline The Falsies
I haven't had this mascara for too long acually because a lot of people talked about it in 2014 and I didn't think it would be as good as everyone says it is but I gave into the hype and went out and bought it. It makes my lashes look so long and voluminous. I can wear it all day and have no fall down on my face and it's just the perfect mascara. I will definitely try the waterproof version and see if it lives up to this ones standards!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Mac Lipstick Collection

I'm making this blog post to talk about my Mac lipstick collection, at the moment I own 6, they are Creme Cup, Lovelorn, Bombshell, Saigon Summer, Speak Louder and Coral Bliss. I have every type of colour except the typical autumnal colours which I do really like but I'm not willing to pay £15 for a colour that probably won't suit me as well and I won't wear very often. Maybe when I get a job I'll have more money to spend so I won't have to come up with ridiculous reasons why I shouldn't get another lipstick. ha. I will definitely do updated collections but I won't feature the same lipsticks as in this one, so maybe every 6 lipsticks I get I'll do an updated Mac lipstick collection.

(left to right: Bombshell, Creme Cup, Saigon Summer, Lovelorn, Speak Louder, Coral Bliss)

I've never heard anyone talk about this lipstick before, I'm not sure why though because it's a beautiful soft pink with a touch of gold coral which is beautiful. It is a frost finish, and the only bad thing about this lipstick is I fint it quite drying on the lips after I've had it on for a bit.

Creme Cup
This one is a cremesheen so it is very creamy but that also means that the lasting power is rubbish, you would really need to be applying it all day. Aside from that though, there's no doubt about it that lipstick is gorgeous, it is one of the pressiest pinky nudes I own. It's the type of colour that will go with everything and it's the perfect everyday shade.

Saigon Summer
I really like this lipstick, I think it's the perfect orange colour for spring/summer as it is quite bright.  The Mac website describes this as a frosted bright orange but I wouldn't say that this is a frost formula, it's more of a cremesheen but not quite. It's a really beautiful colour without being too bold. The staying power isn't very good but it doesn't dry your lips.

This was my first Mac lipstick that I ever bought, I bought it because it's very safe, it doesn't overpower your face and make you look done up. It's a lustre so it's not too glossy and it's not drying on the lips at all. This is another perfect everyday shade.

Speak Louder
This lipstick is a cremesheen, it has blue tones within it but I can't see any. I do really like this colour but I wouldn't want to wear it everyday because it's very pink and because I'm pale it's look brighter than it actually is. I defnitely prefer to wear this when I have a tan, so when I'm on holiday I tend to wear it the most out of all my Mac lipsticks.

Coral Bliss
I really lke this colour in summer when I'm looking for that toned down, less bright coral colour. The formula for this is a cremesheen so again the lasting power isn't great. It is very moisturising and it applies really smoothly.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Maybelline Color Tattoo | Review

I'm going to talk about Maybelline Color Tattoo's. Right now I have 3 but I will definitely be adding more to my collection because I love them! I have the colours On and On Bronze, Permanent Taupe and  Eternal Bronze, which are all quite similar in the fact they're not bright colours but they are all different in colour.

My favourite one I've got is Permanent Taupe, because it's not shimmery and it's the easiest to wear. The other two I have, which are On and On Bronze and Eternal Gold are definitely more shimmery so I don't wear them as often but I do still love them.

I love using these shadows on their own and using them as bases for a more bold eye look. On their own they are great because they literally don't take long at all to apply, which is good if you're in a rush to get ready. These will stay on your eyelids all day with no creasing at all, I can be out all day and get back home with these looking near perfect with only maybe a tiny bit of fading but that's fine, it happens even with higher end brands. They are so easy to apply with either a brush or your fingers and they blend out perfectly. I'd definitely recommend them to people who are starting to get into make-up and don't know what to buy. Below are some swatches to show you how pigmented they are:

(Left to Right: Permanent Taupe, On and On Bronze, Eternal Gold)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

January Wishlist

This is my January Wishlist. Each month I will pick a few things that I haven't got but would love to have and I'll talk about each item and tell you why I love it. It will range from make-up, to jewellery, to shoes and clothes, to homeware etc. 

The first thing on my wishlist is the Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette (buy here), I think this palette is the most gorgeous thing ever! I think the colours are absoloutely beautiful and each colour would look so natural on the cheeks due to subtle glimmer. It would make a normal make-up look less dull and reading reviews, people are raving about this and saying how buildable and easy-to-wear this is, so it is definitely something I would love to have in my make-up bag.

The next thing is these lovely Gold Chelsea Boot (buy here), I love the gold detailing on the heel and the buckle, I think this really adds something to a maybe, boring black and standard Chelsea boot. As the boots have quite a thick heel, I assume they would be so comfortable to walk in. They would go so well with pretty much everything, skinny jeans, skirts, shorts etc. They would definitely be a staple piece in my wardrobe if I owned them.

I know, everyone at the moment seems to be getting a Michael Kors Watch (buy here), and I'm not one to follow trends but I have been wanting a Michael Kors Watch for the longest time and I just cannot even think of spending so much money on a watch. I think this watch is gorgeous, I love the rose gold and white effect with the little bit of black as well. It's so nice but I don't think I'll have one any time soon because of the amount of money it costs!

This Aztec Knit Sweater (buy here) from Topshop is so cute. I love the block print on it and me being a sucker for jumpers, I think this would be so lovely to add to my collection. I would definitely get it in a size 12 so it's oversized and comfortable to wear.

I don't want to be putting more than one thing from the same shop in my wishlist but this Faux Shearling Ovoid Jacket (buy here) from Topshop is so nice. It's in the sale reduced from £78 down to £35, so this is such a bargain! It looks so thick and warm which is perfect for Autumn/Winter. The colour of the coat is what attracted me to it in the first place, I know there are other colours of this coat but I love the cream with the black detailing the best.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

December Favourites

As you can see the month of December is coming to a close and of course the end of the month only means one thing; a December favourites! I have really enjoyed my December mainly because of the fact that it was CHRISTMAS! Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year and I love spending time with my family that I maybe don't see as often as I can. I had a lovely christmas this year, I woke up Christmas morning at my mum's house and we went downstairs and opened all our lovely presents, then a bit later on my Grandma and Grandad came round and we exchanged presents with them. We then had some nibbles and snacks and at about 1ish in the afternoon my dad picked me up and we went to my Auntie and Uncles, which my other grandparents were there as well as our cousins. We had dinner and opened even more presents! I am so happy with everything I got I love love love it all! I hope you had as good a Christmas as I did and got everything you wanted.

So the first thing I have enjoyed this month is the time when we can whip out the box of Quality Streets (which by far is my favourite box of chocolates you can get) My favourites in there are the Strawberry and Orange Creams, now a few years back I NEVER used to like them, but now I can't get enough, my mum had to go out and buy a second box of Quality Street just so I could have the Strawberry and Orange Creams. I tried to find out if you could buy them seperately but you could only get the Strawberry ones which I was disappointed in because I love the Orange ones too. I did get a giant Strawberry though as a stocking present from 'Santa' haha. I was so happy, it had nearly 40 Strawberry Creams in it.

The next thing I have been loving is the Body Shop Argan Oil Body Lotion, it smells delicious and is so creamy and moisturising. It makes my skin so smooth after using it and you need the tiniest amount as it goes such a long way so hopefully it will last me a long time!

Now the Tangle Teezer is very popular with the blogging community, I know very few people who haven't got one. I had stopped using mine for a couple of months as I just forgot about it, but during the month of demeber I have gotten back into using it and I'm now wondering why I had ever stopped! I don't think I need to write tooo much saying how wonderful it is because you probably all already know how good it is. Btw, if you haven't got one you're missing out big time and you need to stop what you're doing right now and go and get one!

I only got the Daisy Dream perfume by Marc Jacobs for christmas from my Grandma and Grandad, but ever since I have not gone 1 day without wearing this perfume, I loove it! I am so bad at describing smells, but I've looked it up and it has top notes of blackberry, fresh grapefruit and succulent pear, and it smells so fresh and fruity. The only thing is that you definately have to re-apply it throughout the day as the smell fades quite quickly, but the bottle, the bottle is gorgeous! Honestly, even if the perfume smelt awful I would buy it just because the bottle is so nice, it reminds me of summer!

Another thing I have been loving this month is The Body Shop Argan Oil lip balm, this stuff has been my lipsaver! As always, with the cold weather my lips get very dry and cracked but I started using this and it's so moisturising, it makes my lips so soft and smooth. I don't think I've ever had a lip balm that's been this good! The only thing is I hate little tubs of lip balm, because I really don't like putting my finger in it, it makes my fingers so greasy. I always like to stick to lip balms that are in the twisty tube things, but I'll make an exception for this one as it's so good!

My go-to lipstick this month is the Max Factor Colour Elixir in English Rose, it really does moisturise your lips whilst giving you colour on your lips as well. It's the perfect colour for everyday wear as it does add some natural colour, but the thing I love about it is it's got a sort of metallic/frosty finish so it's perfect to wear at this time of year especially as it's cold, wintery weather.

Another lipstick I have been wearing is the Tanya Burr Limited Edition Lipgloss in Mistletoe Kisses, I really love that you can wear this with one coat for everyday wear but you can also build it up with a few coats to this lovely bright, red colour that stands out more that if you just apply one coat. It also has this slight sparkle to it which looks really nice on the lips. As all the other Tanya Burr lipsticks, this is not a lipgloss that is annoying and sticky which is nice.

I'm not one for changing up my mascara's very often, and I bought the Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express in 100% black a while before I started using it, but I have to say this is up there as one of the best mascara's I have ever used! It makes my lashes look natural but it lengthens and volumises. It just makes my lashes look amazing!

Okay the only item of clothing in this favourites post is my Topshop jumper, I love the panels going down the front of the jumper and I love the fact it sort of crops at the front and is shorter than the back of the jumper, I think it really suits me and my figure, as it doesn't drown me out, which I tend to get with jumpers that are oversized. I got this in a size 12, and it's the perfect fit, I am usually a size 6-8, and I think if I got this in a size 6/8 then I would definitely not love it as much as I do. Before I got this I was reading the reviews on the Topshop website and a lot of people were saying that it's itchy and scratchy but I don't find it itchy or scratchy one bit and if I did I would get a long sleeve top to wear underneath it, simple solution! Also, whenever I wear this I always get so many compliments from my friends saying how nice it is which is really lovely.

Obviously December being the month with Christmas, you cannot go without an advent calendar to count down to Christmas, the one I got this year was the red Lindt chocolate with the big bear one which you get on the 24th. I have loved being able to have a piece of Lindt chocolate everyday of the month up until the 25th, and if I'm honest I do really miss it, I really want to have an advent calendar for every month of the year, that would be perfect! I have not included this in the photo above because I'd eaten all the chocolates from it and I'd already put it in the bin by the time I wrote this post.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years Resolution

As the new year is finally here, I thought I'd do a post on what I would like to achieve in 2015. My goal in 2015 is to accomplish the goals of 2014 which I should have done in 2013 because I made a promise in 2012 and planned in 2011, haha (yes, I did steal this from a photo I saw on Instagram, but I can't remember who posted it)!

The first thing would be to actually consistently write blog posts, now last year in the summer I tried out blogging, I did it because I was bored and had a lot of spare time on my hands but it failed and I just didn't think the standard of the posts were near enough the type of quality that I wanted them to be so I just gave up and stopped. I want to be able to post blogs on a regular basis but I'm not sure if I'll be able to as I'm in my last year of school and of course I have SO many exams to revise for but I will try as hard as I can to post at least twice a week but I'm not promising anything.

The second thing would be to do more exercise, I don't want to be going to the gym every week but I want to get out and walk more places instead of getting a lift or getting the bus. I also want to drink less fizzy drinks and more water, although I have started doing that for example as I go to watch football quite a lot I used to get a bottle of diet coke to drink during the match, but I now get a 750ml bottle of water. I find bottled water is a lot nicer that normal tap water, a lot of people think it tastes exactly the same as bottled water but it definitely doesn't.

At this point in time these are the only things I have come up with to change and try and achieve in 2015 but I probably will think of a few more new year resolutions and I'll make sure I mention them in a future blog post, but for now that's it, see you next time guys. x